About Me

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about me! My name is Stephanie and I was born here in Idaho. My husband and I have been married since 2002 and have three beautiful children together. We both grew up here in the Treasure Valley and love it here. My love for photography started because of my kids. It all started with a simple point and shoot, then became a passion and now a career. I love capturing the smiles and the unexpected moments that I have with my kids.

I am not a studio photographer... I enjoy photos where kids are playing in their natural environment. My goal is to capture their personality in my photos. You have heard the old saying; "Photos speak a thousand words" and I believe that wholeheartedly. My photos are priceless to me and I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have them. It is a constant reminder of how fast time fades . Without pictures I would easily forget some of the silly moments my kids had together, but now I can cherish them forever.

I love to have fun and I want my sessions to reflect that. I don't want my sessions to be the "dreaded" family photography session that becomes a hassle to do. I want my sessions to reflect who families are. Another one of my favorite quotes comes from Bambi "A Family That Plays Together, Stays Together." And I believe that is true for every family. If you are interested in a session please email me at stefanimariephotography@hotmail.com or please visit my website to see pricing and galleries.

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