Monday, April 30, 2012

Liam is Two - Boise, Idaho Child - Newborn Photographer

Our little ones grow up way to fast! This little guy is 2 years old! Isn't he seriously the cutest thing ever. Big gorgeous eyes, adorable pinchable cheeks, perfect curly brown hair. Oh I just love this little guy. He is such a boy. He loved pushing his truck around, stacking rocks, walking through tunnels and making silly faces at his mommy! :)

I hope I captured his personality because he had SO much of it to share. 

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Tea Party Session in the Orchards - Boise Idaho Child - Newborn - Family Photographer

I had soooo much fun with this session with my daughter and her cousins. It was such a blast. What little girl wouldn't dream of doing a tea party with her friends surrounded by flowers (Or as her cousin kylie called then "The spooky trees!) They gossiped about boys over water.... When I told them to talk about boys they all said "EEEEW! we don't want to talk about boys! My daughter already promised me she wouldn't get married til 25 so lets hope she upholds that promsise.

We also ran through the Orchard's and played ring around the rosie and swung umbrellas and even pushed an English Pram around. Stylized sessions are the best because this is when a kid can be a kid and be themselves and have fun while taking pictures and making memories for mommy and daddy to hang on the wall.

Want to do a stylized session with your child? Email me at with your ideas and lets start planning!

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Julie - 2012 Eagle Academy Senior - Boise Idaho Senior Photographer

Julie is a Senior at Eagle Academy and is completely down to earth and up for anything. She hiked hills during her session while carrying a saddle, crossed abandoned rail road tracks, and even helped me carry chairs :) I should have warned her that I put my models to work. She was so fun to work with and we got some amazing photos of her.

The saddle in the photograph belonged to her grandfather. I love when seniors bring a piece of themselves to their sessions. It always adds such a unique twist to your photos. Thank you Julie so much for choosing me to be your photographer and I hope the very best for you as you graduate from high school and begin a new chapter in life.

Are you a Senior or upcoming Senior who needs pictures then please contact me at so we can begin planning your session!
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