Thursday, August 9, 2012

Trash the Dress Session - Boise Idaho Photographer

It's not very often I find the time to do something for myself and to do a session that is on my bucket list but when I finally find a moment I LOVE when I have willing friends/clients to do stuff like this!! Would you ever trash your wedding dress? I know I would only because I have doubts my daughter will ever want to wear it but if I ever thought she might well of course I would save it.... but most girls want their own dress and why not have a little fun with it after the big day :)

Loved how her series turned out and she 100% rocked her session. Nancy your are gorgeous and NO you don't look mad in your photos LOL! She says she always looks mad in her photos but I think she looks hawt! Thank you Nancy for putting up with me and all the chaos. This was one of those sessions I was so glad was a model call cause I was not only early to her session... I was also late to her session (long story!). But I may have showed up one day early to her house to pick her up... and then the next day showed up an hour late picking her up cause I forgot my camera at the house. Thankfully she put up with me and didn't leave me at the alter. ;)

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Mommy and Son Session along the River - Boise Idaho Child Photographer

I finally got to meet her son!! Crystal and her son might become part of my family one day! I hope so cause they are sooooo amazing and I had such a great time getting to meet her and see her with her son. They have such a fun and quirky bond. He brings out a side of her I have never seen. She really opened up and I got to see her in her element and just laugh and play and share so many smiles and giggles with her boy.

I cannot wait to meet him again! Thank you so much Crystal for allowing me to capture these memories for you! Had so much fun.

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Brayden's 1st Birthday! - Boise Idaho Child Photographer

A first birthday isn't complete with a visit from his favorite Auntie, some loves from mommy and a good cake bashing at the end! I first met this little guy at his 3 month session and now getting the opportunity to photograph his first birthday!

It was so much fun and he is just seriously the cutest little guy I have ever seen. His mommy is an aspiring photographer and lucky for her she might just have one of the cutest models on the planet :) Here is just some of the photos we captured!

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