Monday, April 26, 2010

Dave and Laken Engagement Session

My 1st "official" engagement session! How exciting! And aren't they gorgeous together! They were so fun to photograph and they were such a fun couple and willing to do ANYTHING I asked! And when I drew a blank on some poses she jumped in and said "How about this, or this!" So thank you Laken for all you did! Thanks for giving me a chance and I hope you love your photos! See you on your wedding day!

Week 17 - “Smiles” Photo Challenge!

This week at is all about smiles! Who doesn't love a good smile photo! This was taken a few weekends ago. I chose this one to enter because I absolutely love it! I love it because this photo was so fun to take! We had the little girl run into the arms of her parents and so when this was captured it was all genuine and not staged. it was fun, unique and it became my favorite photo from that session. They were such a beautiful family too!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week 16 - Collages Photo Challenge - I Heart Faces

This weeks theme at is photo collages. The idea is to enter multiple photos into a collage. Now it didn't say I couldn't do a collage annoucement on the rules so this will be my entry. This is especially special to me because I made this annoucement for my sweet little niece whom I had the opportunity to photograph this weekend. If you need a baby fix you came to the right place! I hope you enjoy because she is pure bliss and what I call a glimpse of heaven!

The other cool part about this collage is the "K" letter displayed by her name below was actually a photo I took from baby Kennadie's room. You will find this "K" above her crib. I just thought it was a unique way to display the special touch her mommy added to her room. I know most people won't know where it came from, but for mommy I think it will mean so much! Thanks for looking!

2010 04-20 Sweet Shot Tuesday

To see more great photos visist and join in on the fun!

Precious, Perfection, Innocence... it is as close to heaven as you can get. The smell of newborns, the innocent cry, the need for love.... it just doesn't get better then this. I love you little Kennadie and cannot wait to watch you grow up!


Sweet Shot Day

Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby Kennadie Sneak Peek


She not only was delight to love and kiss on... she was also the perfect baby to photograph! She slept and hardly cried and every once in a blue moon would open up those big gorgeous eyes, look around and then back off to sleep.... I have so many more to share but had to share these! She is just a pure glimpse of heaven!

Hope you got a baby fix for the day cause I sure did!!!

Making some changes!

Thanks so all those that responded to my question on my blog.

So it seems that those that are running on a widescreen computer can see my blog okay but those that are not... my pictures are only showing up halfway or not at all! So I am going to be making some changes! I truly appreciate people letting me know because on my enormous screen (yes I am that lucky to have a new laptop.... thanks hunny! XOXOXO)they look fine... but now that a 3rd party is being used to upload my photos I noticed that things got a little quirky! So I am going to be doing a blog makeover this week and fix this little situation once and for all!

Have a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


This weekend God used this family to remind me of my current blessings. So often I forget that every day I get with my kids or just being healthy is a gift from God. I know every family has a story... but this family is so inspirational.... so loving and it is a story I feel God wants us to share.

Their oldest daughter; two years ago battled Leukemia and had to undergo chemotherapy. It touched my heart because I have a son her daughter's age and could not imagine the feelings they had as parents when they found out their daughter had cancer. Daddy had to work (and still works) three jobs to make ends meet... and although this may sound vein on my end... her mother shaved her head just so her daughter didn't feel alone. That would be a very hard thing for me to do.

To see how far this family has come, and seeing their beautiful little girl run and play through the park as if she never spent a day in chemotherapy is a reminder that there are miracles and that God does not forget us... and I pray that this family is closer because of all that they experienced. They have two beautiful healthy little girls and it was such an amazing photoshoot. I thank God that he sends me simple reminders of my blessings.... This family has blessed me and I thank them for letting me be a part of their life... even if for a brief moment! Enjoy the pictures!

and.... don't forget to thank God for all the simple blessings you have in your life...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

04-13-2010 Sweet Shot Tuesday

I just love this new place called Sweet Shot Tuesday! NO THEMES JUST ANY PHOTO YOU WANT TO SHARE!!! To see other fabulous photos click here

You don't even have to be a professional photographer to enter and win! Everything is done by a drawing so it is competitive free and just so fun!

Sweet Shot Day

Here is a glimpse of our weekend! It was fun!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lane Family Photos - Sneak Peek 2

I really hope you like your family photos! It is hard to choose which ones I want to put on my blog cause you were such a photogenic family I have so many that I love!!!

and the end result! A perfect family photo... genuine smiles and fun in the process!

Thanks again and enjoy the photos!!!

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