Thursday, April 8, 2010

2010 04-08 Sweet Shot Tuesday

A little late...and I think I missed last week... :( 

But to join in on the fun go to
No themes just enter any photo you want that you like that you took that day or week. So easy and so much fun!

My fav shot of the week... my little angel after a painting session... and why do I like this one so much... cause this is her... "But I am so innocent face!" and those are the pictures I am so thankful I get on camera!

Sweet Shot Day


Heather said...

Just darling... it is so great to have those shots to go with the memories. Jumped over from Darcy's.

Jennifer said...

Now that looks like a whole lotta fun! Great shots. She is adorable.

Susan said...

Thanks for the comment/compliment. Great face on your little one! Classic keeper!

Julie Rivera Photography said...

You are an incredibly patient woman to handle that type of mess1 :) She is throughly enjoying herself and those are the memories we want for our children, aren't they?

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