Friday, May 7, 2010

Congrats Megan for winning my Giveaway

This photoshoot was for my lucky giveaway winner who won my free Mother's Day Session for Megan moved here from California recently and has since introduced me to Stella and Dot. She is a representative and they have the most amazing beautiful jewelry!!! I really want some of their pieces but for now all my money  is being spent to improve my business! LOL! Soon enough!!

I photographed her and her sweet little man this weekend at the Train Depot. He loves trains and we spent a lot of time pointing and watching the train. He is a special little boy who has autism. So I was so glad that he won the giveaway! My nephew has autism and so it is so great to meet and work with others that have the same thing. I don't have a child with autism... but I do have 3 children who I swear are ADHD so I know she is a busy but wonderful mother and whose love for her little man has made him an incredible and smart little man. I had so much fun Megan!!

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MRS Jen McNeil said...

BEAUTIFUL photos! Your doing amazing Im so happy for you!!!! =)

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