Monday, June 24, 2013

Gender Reveal - Team Girl or Team Boy - Boise Idaho Photographer

Who would have thought a gender reveal party would be one of my most emotional, exciting and amazing shoots of all time! It brought great joy to my heart to be able to capture these priceless memories for this family and to one day be able to share this with their future baby. I will let the photos do the talking :)

What do you think? TEAM BOY OR TEAM GIRL
These guys voted TEAM BOY. Are they right? Only the cake lady knows what color is in the frosting :) 
These guys vote Team girl! Who is right? Mom and Dad have their votes for Team Boy

Last photo of them kissing before they know their future. :) 

Time for the reveal...

Mommies first reaction. Is she happy? Is she right on her guess on Team Boy?

I think she is extremely happy :) 

And here she is holding back tears... dad is very happy here too! 

I think they both are just in bliss right now

Time to show the guests what they see :) But Grandma snuck around for a sneak peak

Did you guess right? Dad is holding back tears... that or he ate too much food cause he is holding his belly :) 

They couldn't be any happier

Showing the reveal to family members who couldn't make the party

What does brother think?

I think he is just as excited :) 

Go TEAM GIRL!! Congrats Kendra and Charlie :) XOXOXO

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Mayhem At The McNeils said...

OMG! The anticipation was killing mw---and I don't even know them! LOL! GREAT job! :))) Congrats to the family!

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