Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fix-It Friday #46 - Hands-On Photo Editing Fun!

BTW - Most of you know me as Roper Family but this is my new photography blog!

Happy Friday! Actually it is still Thursday for me and I happened to log onto my blog and see they already had the link for fix it friday! My husband is waiting on me to get to bed so we can watch 2012! I keep telling him just 5 more minutes.... almost done... LOL!

So this week at iheartfaces we get the honor of editing this cute little thing.... what didn't I edit on this photo! I love this photo especially the background. The boys expression was perfect but to me the colors just were not popping out! So here is my fix.

1) Sharpened and cropped image in PS2
2) Cross Process in Nik Software L08 But only on his face (this gives it that creamy look on his skin)
3) I then edited his eyes to make them pop using PS2. Did a little color and dodge burning.
4.) I did a Darken Lighten Center using nik Software to bring out the brilliant colors on the foilage
5) Did an Indian Summer filter with Nik Software to pop the foilage colors on soft light
6) Did a foilage filter on the greenery in the grass
7) Added a texture ONLY to the foilage.
8) Removed the baby scratches (pimples) Although I loved him just the way he was... I figured since it was an edit I should probably remove those
9) Used a Gold Reflector filter with Nik software go give him a little color in his face.
10) Added a midnight filter in Sepia using Nik Software and then used soft light in photoshop.... this helped to bring back some of the darker colors and natural shades in this photo.

Okay so I don't normally edit like crazy on photos... but wasn't this a great photo to edit. I feel like I got lost in this photo with that beautiful background... I guess it is reminding me that spring is around the corner.... i just can't wait!


Elyssa said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your edit!! The colours are amazing!

Michelle said...

I think you did great! I love the warmth you added and that your changes were subtle but totally enhanced the photo.

katherine said...

Nice job, i like the colours!

Please check out my blog if you get the chance :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! You made the colors pop great! Thanks so much for editing. :)

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