Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Baby Boy "L" Photo Shoot

When mom called me for a photoshoot of Baby "L" she asked if I could remove all the baby pimples on his face. When I got to her house... I almost had to pull out my microscope to even locate one! She said he broke out in a rash on his face and was afraid it would show up in the photos. He had the absolute perfect baby complexion. He had a few dry spots above his eye brows but seriously... he was pure perfection.
He was so good too. He had the sweetest little newborn cry and by the end of the session he was so clonked out he just let us move him around every which way to get some cute photos of him.


Julie Rivera Photography said...

Ah, Steph, those are so sweet! I now the labor that goes into a newborn shoot, so I am even more appreciative of these, The outdoor ones are just lovely, with that perfect diffused light. And the baby's lips are SO full! Nice job! (Oh, and the One Willow presets are for Adobe Camera Raw, too...I don't have Light Room...go take a look!)

Sheri said...

What a beautiful little guy!!!

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