Monday, November 14, 2011

Model Bride Shoot at a Barn - Boise Idaho Photographer

Photographers always have their dream sessions! I don't do a lot of weddings but I really love photographing brides in their beautiful white dresses. Meet Jolene with Snapshots by Jolene. She has become a friend of mine and also a wonderful local photographer. Jolene specializes in boudoir sessions so if any ladies out there is looking for a boudoir photographer then she is your gal! You can find her facebook page here. It is so wonderful sharing passions, interests and ideas with other photographers. Her and her husband Josh have been married for 4 years and they are just absolutely adorable together.

We had some other ideas we didn't get to do before running out of light but hopefully I can convince her to dress up again one day :) Thanks Jolene for being so awesome!!! You are gorgeous

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Erika L said...

You did a great job. These are fantastic!

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