Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nate & Amandas Secret Wedding - Simple and so Elegant - Boise Idaho Photographer

What makes a wedding beautiful? Well honestly the first thing I think of is the details, the venue, the dress, the rings, the cake and all the things that take to create that perfect wedding. But this couple reminded me that although those things are beautiful, what really makes a wedding beautiful is love and laughter. This couple wanted a simple wedding with just their closest friends as witnesses. They didn't want the chaos of the planning, or the costs involved to plan a big wedding. It was quite simply the most beautiful wedding ever as what made it beautiful was them. They might be one of the most loving couples I have been blessed to know in a long time. I feel honored to have been a part of this secret wedding that I was not allowed to share until after they were married. So if you ever need a photographer who can keep a secret then I am your gal... cause also the bride was also one of my sisters best friends and I wasn't even allowed to tell my sister :) And I am proud to say I didn't... and it was hard :) Congrats you two. May you guys enjoy every moment on your journey together and love each other forever here on earth. I cannot begin to thank you enough for allowing me to share this moment with you. I love you guys!

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