Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bogus Basin Proposal - { Boise Idaho Photographer }

Gorgeous evening with two of the most beautiful people in the world. There is nothing better then being able to be a part of a life changing event and also to welcome our newest member of our family. Brittany is amazing. She is so sweet, she is such a good fit for Matt and I cannot wait to see the beginning of their life grow :)

She is a sister to me and there is nothing more important then being close as a family and loving each other unconditionally. She displays all those characteristics and so much more. Our family welcomed her with open arms and not one person feels like this wasn't meant to be. God is good and He will bless this relationship for sure.

Here is the first chapter of the beginning of their future and so happy to be able to capture it for them. Matt had some amazing friends who helped prepare the dinner, set up the table, the candles, the bouquet and even dress Chester. They all contributed to this perfect evening and took an evening off to serve them dinner and be a part of this journey with them. Brittany thought they were just celebrating their 1-year anniversary but little did she know Matt had something bigger planned :)

Welcome Brit to our family. I hope you love the story captured through photos. XOXOXO

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