Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Small Intimate Wedding at the Stricker Mansion in Hansen Idaho - Idaho Wedding Photographer

It was a beautiful day in Hansen Idaho with one of my closest friends marrying her fiance Jeff. I have known Mary for many many years. I have seen her ups and downs in life and have grown so close to her in the last year. She has been there for me in my lows in life as Josh and I transitioned our lives into new paths that was sadly more lows then highs. She has always been by my side and has always listened when I needed someone. She accepted me, and my children and my crazy schedule and never was upset when I couldn't get together. I know that that same generous love she shares with her friends will extend into her marriage. I know in return her (now) husband will do the same. I have never seen her as happy as I see her now. Her smile lights up a room and she truly is a once in a lifetime friend.

Watching their wedding unfold before my eyes was one of the most memorable things I will ever experience with them. Watching two people "choose" to share the rest of their lives together is a feeling you can never recreate. Being able to capture in photos the way they would look at each other during the ceremony, and the way Jeff would look up at her and smile as if to say everything is going to be okay no matter what the future has in store for us nearly brought me to tears.

There is no better feeling then to know that there is no better person in your friends life then the one she has chose to marry. They bring out the best in each other and I cannot wait to see what their future holds.... (mmmmm babies maybe?!?.... like soon?!) But I feel like her and I can only bond more now that she is married and beginning her own family. I love you friend and Jeff thank you for making her so happy!!

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