Sunday, August 11, 2013

Important Post - Please Read

Oh the dreaded post....please please read...

This one post has taken me months to write and something I have not shared with  many. It is a post that has kept me up at night thinking about how I would announce this publicly. For almost three years I have met some AMAZING new people, families, babies and children. I have been so extremely blessed to be able to capture these memories for your families and seeing them proudly displayed on your walls. I have grown so much as a photographer and have met so many clients who I proudly call my friends.

For those who know me well know that my husband is in college and getting his engineering degree. He has been interning at Power Engineers over the summer and has done very well in his career choice and through school. We have been given this AMAZING opportunity for him to finish his degree in Moscow to obtain his chemical engineering degree which unfortunately is not offered through Boise State.

For the last few months we have made several trips to visit the town and try and find a place for our family to live. It was a hard decision to make but I cannot imagine spending the next three years away from my husband and the children would miss their father dearly.

My husband leaves one week from today which is going to be really hard for me but while he is away I will be getting ready to move our family up North to be with him. I will probably spend most of September in the valley finishing out sessions I am contracted to do and then be moving to Moscow in the early to middle part of October. I do plan to visit Boise a few months a year since it is where most of our family lives and when I do come through Boise I will post that I am in town and any client who would like pictures done by me I will make sure I get you on the books for that time frame. I have many friends/clients who are currently expecting babies and with advance notice I would still love to be your newborn photographer if I am able to be in town. But if not I have many recommendations for you of some very talented photographers I would trust my own newborn with.

Again I am truly thankful for you and for keeping me so busy. This post was not written without tears. I honestly am so truly grateful for all that you have done and for allowing me to be your newborn/family photographer.

If you are a client who needs a recommendation for a photographer please email me because I have been working with some local photographers who offered to give a discount just for my clients. BECAUSE YOU ARE SO SPECIAL!!
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areines said...

Good luck on your new chapter in life. I know you will make the best of it! It will be what you make it. Trust me this is our 6 move in 12 years. :) thank you for being our first family picture photographer!

Sharon said...

As a fellow artist, I have so enjoyed watching you grow in talent and creativity. I love following your posts. I am a firm believer that we are where we're supposed to be when we're supposed to be there. I hope you find your artistic calling in Moscow and are able to share it. If not, you know we will be here watching the horizon for your return. Many blessings!

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