Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 27 • Teens-Only Photo Challenge!

I know I know ... i need some more Senior Sessions cause I keep entering photos from this session... but for some reason I only seem to photograph babies and brides these days! LOL! So here is a super cute Senior from my last session a few months ago She is gorgeous!

OOOPS! Well upon reading the rules for entering... I am too old to enter a photo this week... boo hoo. It said teens only so I thought it just meant teenagers had to be in the photo but what it meant was you can't be old like me to enter! LOL! So I will keep this up for fun anyways !! :D

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MRS Jen McNeil said...

Cute picture! I thought this weeks challenge was only for photographers between 13-19 years old...not that Im saying your old or anything LOL! I will go double check cuz I could be wrong!

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