Monday, June 27, 2011

Fun in the Sun - 2 Year Old Session - Boise Idaho Photographer

Little Luca is definitely up there on one of my favs to photograph! He has so much personality. He reminds me so much of my boys which is probably why we get along so well. He makes me work hard during my sessions but has the most charming smile if I am prepared :) I finally gave up on trying to get him to look at my camera when calling his name and ventured out into the water to get him playing instead. Luca (I can tell) must get lots of photos taken cause he knows what I am trying to do when I call his name... so this little guy chooses to ignore me :) LOL! I love it because there is nothing better then fun and candid shots of a 2 year old laughing, playing and just being himself.

During this session we even saved a bird who had a fish hook stuck through his mouth. Well I shouldn't say "we." I need to give all that credit to his beautiful momma who had the stomach to handle pulling the hook out! Of course the first thing I think of is "PHOTO OP!!" I pull her into the shade and tell her to hold on to that bird for these once in a lifetime photos :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCA! CAN'T WAIT TO COME TO YOUR PARTY! You better be ready cause I am going to take photos of you whether you like it or not :)

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