Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Braden's 8 Month Session - Boise, Idaho Child Photographer

This session had a lot of challenges.... So after a reschedule due to weather we planned for Sunday... which happened to be the same time of the Eclipse which through my lighting out of whack :) I won't bore you with the camera details/settings but lets just say I had to shoot differently then normal.

 On the way to the session we had to detour due to an accident on the road. About a mile to our location the roads were blocked off due to road construction and I had no idea how to detour to the location. I tried a couple different roads but this is a secluded area and not a lot of routes lead you to that same road. FINALLY due to the determination of my clients we found a route!!

Woo hoo! We finally thought we were ready to go! Great location, great subjects, beautiful weather... and then...dun dun dun... the relentless mosquitoes decided to join us. And not just join us.... swarm us (A reminder of future sessions now to avoid areas like this as they are out like crazy right now!) So we got a few shots in that location but moved on to a different area to escape the nasty things.

On the plus side I actually I loved the new place and had been dieing to shoot there anyways. By that point Brayden was ready to give us some smiles and we got lots of great photos of him!!!! I have the best clients to put up with this chaos! But I think all said and done the session went great and got some amazing pictures of this 8 month adorable boy. I hope they agree :)

Need some updated family photos done for your walls?  Well if so please contact me at stefanimariephotography@gmail.com so we can start planning your session. :)
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