Thursday, August 26, 2010

2010 Idaho State Sass Tournament - Black's Creek Shoot Out

I photographed my first "commercial" job. It was more work then I ever could have anticipated and I am so thankful my husband went camping with the kids... cause I literally worked 4 days straight... and slept maybe 5 hours the whole time. LOL!

I was in charge of posse photos and had to have them ready by the next day. I also put together a DVD with music, photos and action footage taken by me. It ended up being 25 minutes long and all my clients loved it! I took over 1500 action photos and spent Thursday - Sunday on the field from 8am to 4pm taking photos. I learned a lot during this event. But in the end it was worth every moment because I met all my deadlines... I met some amazing people and I got to see some an incredible Cowboy action tournament. Here are all the posse photos taken. If you want to see any of the action pictures please click here.

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