Monday, August 2, 2010

Why is it important to do things right from the beginning?

Because later after a wedding shoot and you have over 700 images to sort through... you don't want to have to fix every image later! LOL!

I have been asked a lot lately how to control the Depth of Field in your photos and how to create a nice "Bokeh" (blurry) background. A lot has to do with aperature and also the type of lens you are using. Here is an image taken yesterday during a wedding ceremony. This image was left untouched by photoshop... straight out of the camera.
I used my Nikon D80   ~   Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens   ~   ISO set to 800   ~    focus was on the diamonds

Here is the image after I did a noise reduction in photoshop and then sharpened only the rings. I then did a soft focus on the image. Not a big difference.

Now here I used some textures that I got from I used the Verona texture and then erased the texture from around the rings so that focus is primarily on the rings.

Very simple edit and took me less then 5 minutes to complete.

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