Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Due to some recent set backs in the last couple of months I will be changing the way I do my sessions. I really enjoy helping out as much as I can whenever families are in need, but photography is also a way that I make a living for my family and pay my bills. I will no longer give any images on a disc or online until a session has been completely paid in full. I typically handle my sessions this way anyways, but I have made exceptions for those who were not able to pay up front. I really love my job and love what I do and I want to continue to help those who are in need but will not release any images without my logo on them until the session has been paid in full. I hope that everyone understands.

On a positive note thank you so much for all my support in my business. It has been such a fun journey this year and have had the opportunity to meet such wonderful families. I look forward to many great years and memories in the future!

And because I hate posting a blog without a picture... here is a HUGE THANK YOU CARD for reading my post! :D

Wait! Don't stop here... Join me! I always love to hear from my friends!

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