Friday, December 3, 2010

What should I wear?

I have been asked lately by many clients what they should wear to their session. It is a great question to ask because an outfit can really make a photo! How do I plan my sessions? Well I have two boys and a daughter. So unfortunately all outfits are planned around her! I find something that I like for her and then find things for me and the boys that coordinate around it. She is usally my pop of color in our family photos. I typically wear very plain and simple clothes. Why? Well because I don't want a holiday sweater that I will only wear once a year. I want something in my wardrobe I can wear everyday. So I usually go simple and then buy accessories. A great place to find affordable accessories is or even hitting Kohl's clearance department.

Here is an example of what I would put my family in for our holiday photos. All items can be found at Gap, Banana Republic and Charlotte Russe. We all know women are the pickiest about their outfits so I chose a casual outfit and a dressy outfit with mix and match accessories.... Now I am no fashion expert... but I think these outfits all look great together. Another thing to consider when choosing outfits is how will the outfits look separate from the family. For example... if you did a "kids" photo would the outfits coordinate together individually. I will be hosting more of these What to Wear ideas. I am so thankful for all my clients ideas!

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