Friday, October 29, 2010

Jeremy & Mary Engagement Pics - {Boise, Idaho Photographer}

I absolutely love this couple! Aren't they so adorable together! This is my long time friend Mary and her fiance Jeremy. She is also my Bunco buddy! We all had so much fun downtown during their engagement session. Lots of laughs and kisses. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this special part of your life and I wish you two the very best!

Now on to the business end! This below is a sample of the beautiful 20 page "Reception Book" I offer exclusively to my clients. It can be printed in a 10x10 or a 12x12 Photo Book. It is absolutely a perfect keepsake for your wedding and a great way to share the memories of your engagement photos. During your wedding, this album will replace your guest book and as your guests come to your wedding they get to leave bits and pieces of them and advice into your book.

Think of how beautiful this will be after your wedding to have on your coffee table to share with your family and friends.  AND what a unique way to share these memories with your future children! If you would like to have a book designed by me then please let me know or if you know any potential brides to me please share with them this link.

10x10 20 Page Photo Album - $135.00
12x12 20 Page Photo Album - $150.00

Additional Items
Add a Dust jacket to your 10x10 album only (not available in a 12x12) - $25.00

12x12 or 10x10 Front Cover of PhotoBook
Page 1

Page 2 & 3

Page 4 & 5

Page 6 & 7

Page 8 & 9

Page 10 & 11

Page 12 & 13

Page 14 & 15

Page 16 & 17

Page 18 & 19

Page 20

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